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Woo hoo - The First Blog

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Hi there,

Happy Winter Solstice or Summer Solstice (wherever you are) ....


I am so excited to introduce you to our very first online shopping experience.

I started building the radiant being online shop in my mind about 11 months ago. The Spring and Summer arrived. I admit I was distracted.  I kept finding new and beautiful things to show you in the shop. Finally the winter came back, the rain and along with it the feeling to be still and create.

Stay tuned for regular self love shopping nights, and new products. We aspire to inspire our regular shoppers, as well as welcome any shiny new faces.

Every time you order with us, we meditate and write you a personalised affirmation/mantra just for you. Like a fortune cookie, maybe the words resonate and help you to create fearless intuition and abundance.

You will find your mantra in your order, there is a ritual described just for you in your package.

For the last 9 years we have been offering delicious wellbeing retreats. The last 12 months have been about transformation as we grow and expand our business. 

As we build more global retreat programs, yoga teacher training's, workshops, and product ranges we are literally over the moon to bring to you all the best things we discover...

Radiant Being are a wellness company inspiring meaningful, mindful, healthy and happy lives.

Be your bliss,

Hayley + the team at radiant being



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