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AERIAL yoga in Albany + Denmark, Western Australia.
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Starts May 8th, 2017
🌍9.45am Albany Mondays -…/4-week-monday-fly-high-aeria…
🌍4.30pm Denmark Mondays - Book direct with Denmark Recreational Centre.
🌍7pm Fridays -…/4-week-friday-fly-high-aeria…

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Come fly with me!

Aerial yoga is a buzz among yoga enthusiasts, it’s a new and exciting variation on one of the world’s favorite physical activities. One that allows them to suspend freely from the ceiling, securely and safely, within the cooling comfort in our very own FlyHighYoga™ Hanging Belt.

Have you ever wondered how yoga become such a huge phenomenon?

No problem, we dusted off the old history books and found out for you!

It all started in ancient India, 6th century BCE to be exact. Here a series of physical and mental practices were developed that were intended to better the well being of those who practiced them.

People found great pleasure in the postures, breathing and meditation, from there the word began to spread. People began to call it yoga, and soon, newer forms began to emerge. Now, yoga has become a favourite activity for many men and women, because they are aware of it’s lasting benefits. Yogis are always looking for new and exciting types of yoga.

People everywhere are now just discovering aerial yoga, and studios seem to be popping up with increasing demand.

Your probably wondering: ” Why is Aerial Yoga so popular?”

We think that you really need to

try it for yourself in order to understand why people love it. However, read on because we have made a few great points below.

Aerial yoga originated in New York sometime in 2007 and can now be found almost anywhere in the world. It is still most commonly known as aerial yoga, but has picked a few more names up along the way. Some people also refer to it as flying yoga or anti-gravity yoga. It’s a form of yoga that combines traditional poses with Pilates and dance, while students are suspended in the air.

The belts are able to support up to 300 kilos, so all shapes and sizes can enjoy it. Yoga students are able to suspend themselves by their hips, which accommodates a greater variety of poses and bends within their workout.

People will find aerial yoga to be relaxing and revitalizing, while at the same time they are improving their balance and strength. It a sport that allows you to take a step back from life, and think. Like all yoga classes it’s also a great opportunity to build confidence and meet new friends that you connect with.


FlyHighYoga™ offers all of the positive things we love about regular yoga, and then steps it up a notch. As you take flight, you’ll find that in taking part in an aerial yoga class is unlike any other form of yoga. Students aren’t worrying about gravity or balance, which in turn allows for the ability to experience greater flexibility and freedom of movement.

Aerial yoga enthusiasts also rave about the heightened sense of focus they experience in trying new aerial poses. Traditional yoga can get redundant, but the use of an aerial yoga hammock allows for hundreds of new possibilities. Your strength increases after just a few aerial yoga classes. Due to the lack of gravity, which causes muscles to work harder in order to keep the body stable, and balanced.


Yoga improves flexibility, balance, and strength. Depending on the pose being held, 80% of your body weight can be relieved by using a yoga hammock. When aerial yogis invert their bodies in a pose, they are stretching and bending their muscles and joints. This aids in rehabilitation, and helps to decompress the spine, without needing to worry about balance.

FlyHighYoga™ is like traditional yoga in that it improves respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems, due to an increased blood flow. Forms of yoga can treat pain from arthritis, and reduce food cravings, which leads to healthy weight loss. Anti gravity yoga is particularly effective in the improvement of emotional and mental health, in addition to its many physical benefits.


No doubt about it FlyHighYoga™ has many benefits! But you’re probably asking: What kind of skills and poses will I learn?

New students in an aerial yoga class will spend time familiarizing themselves with the use of the yoga belts, and course safety, while developing trust and confidence in their abilities.

Aerial yoga offers many exciting new poses that were never before possible.

The inverted star is a favorite pose among aerial yoga enthusiast. The belt supports the student at the hips, while they are in a completely upside down star.

Before you set off to your first aerial yoga class, we have a few words of advice:

Aerial yoga is a low impact and safe exercise. However, proper equipment and guidance by a certified instructor is always a good idea in the beginning. Aerial yoga allows for some very complicated, and otherwise impossible poses. Be sure to take the correct precautions, to keep the risk of falling low. To avoid stomach sensitivity in inverted yoga poses, students should not to eat or drink immediately before class.


Aerial yoga is supposed to be fun for all skill levels and yogis who practice regularly will feel the many benefits that anti-gravity yoga provides.

So get out there and try your first aerial yoga class!

📸Fly High Yoga™

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