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Midway through 2018 wahoooooooo

HELLO 2018!!

Hello winter solstice in just a short time and almost half way through this speedy year already.

Latest NEWS

These are so COOL -

Check these out too - even some for the little people -

New range of dehydrators is here:

The best water system you ever may see is here:

I am almost finished (one assignment to go) with a Professional Certificate in Positive Education (positive Psychology) which is a post grad course through The University of Melbourne. I LOVE studying again. Wow - so so cool :)

I am on track so far to complete Masters and Phd. I am lucky enough to have connected with areas of study that mean so much to me. Its easy to find motivation for this.

Sending so much love and light for your winter months.

Say hello and connect soon.

Instagram - @radiantbeingretreats

with gratitude,

Hayley xx





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