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✌️Take back your power!

Some of the latest research is suggesting that the difference and keys to great health are in gut bacteria.
1/'being overweight and/or in poor states of health' including depression/anxiety= bad gut bacteria
2/being 'a balanced weight and in thriving beaming health' = good gut bacteria

If you eat a diet full of processed foods you will grow a gut full of bad bacteria. You will literally cause the colonies of bad bacteria to multiply.

The biggest challenge you may face is that when you are already eating a diet full of processed foods your brain will continually tell you to - eat more processed food. It's how you got trapped. Now you understand it, here's your route to freedom...

Tadahhh.... if you eat a diet of HIGH FIBRE you will grow a gut full of good bacteria. You will cause the good bacteria colonies to multiply.

STEP 1/ EAT MORE FIBRE. Focus first on what you will add.

As you take back your power, and eat more fibre turn you will experience a bulletproof immune system, a healthy balanced mind free of depression/anxiety, a balanced healthy body weight.

The answer is not to get caught up in any FAD. Placing judgment on foods is not wisdom!
*experiencing guilt every time you eat... Shock.. Horror... A POTATO is not the route to freedom. *Feeling bad that you broke you low fodmap food plan is not good for your health.
*failing your paleo commitment as a grain or pulse passed your lips
*being a raw vegan and allow a morsel of cooked food or something that may have passed 43 degrees is not something worthy of your energy or attention. STOP. Take a deep breath

Having your mind distracted by what food plan you are following this month or next, and getting yourself so confused that you manage a apple cider vinegar + lemon flush... Followed by a coffee... still no food and its 3pm, and while trying to work out with fad you are being this week you are starting to feel shaky as your nervous system is now cranking.

Let's keep it real and create some self love in your life.

☀️☀️☀️Take back your power.

✌️Say outloud 'I am a human being and I eat food. I will concentrate on feeling good and putting good energy and vibes into all of the amazing food I eat.
I let go of any labels and judgements.
I focus on living mindfully.
Mindfulness is my new aspiration.
I am fearless, and ask I my intuition - what do I feel to eat today ?
I like it local, I like it fresh, and I like to create a rainbow on my plate.
I enjoy my food.
I love my food and my food loves me

If you need some help getting started:
online coaching calls are available.
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