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Dehydrator - BioChef - 8 tray -

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Dehydrator - BioChef - 8 tray -


BioChef - 8 Tray - Black

✓ Stainless Steel Trays / BPA Free Casing
✓ 8 Tray Capacity = 0.79m2
✓ EPT™ Horizontal Drying System
✓ 24 Hour Digital Timer
✓ Transparent Magnetic Door
✓ Adjustable Thermostat 35º - 70º
✓ Includes: 2 x Non-Stick Sheets, 2 x Mesh Sheets & Drying Guide
✓ 3 Year Warranty

Please note: local delivery/pick up options available (Albany 6330) by emailing

Create healthy, raw and preservative free snacks, treats, jerky, bread alternatives and more from living foods using the the BioChef Food Dehydrator. BioChef's patented EPT™ technology ensures maximum retention of nutrients and enzymes while ensuring food is dried thoroughly and consistently every time.
Featuring 8 x stainless steel drying trays, 24 hour digital timer, an adjustable thermostat, transparent door, included accessories and a 3 year warranty - the Dehydrator is packed full of value.

Stainless Steel Drying Trays

      Superior quality for chemical-free drying

  • The BioChef Dehydrators are the first affordable brand of food dehydrators in the world to feature stainless steel trays. Previously only available with high-end and very expensive machines, the Dehydrators feature this as standard. You can have peace of mind knowing that your food is not in contact with any harmful, BPA leaching materials.
    The trays are completely dishwasher-safe and stainless steel is non-reactive so can handle acidic foods like tomatoes or citrus without a problem.
    The outer/inner casing of the dehydrator is made from Polypropylene or PP, widely considered as one of the safest plastics due to its high heat resistance and incredibly strong and durable nature. PP is also completely recyclable.


     Adjustable Thermostat for Precision Drying

      Preserve living nutrients with the power of raw foods!

  • The BioChef 8 Tray Food Dehydrator features an adjustable thermostat with a temperature range of 35ºC - 70ºC. This means you can set the dehydrator low and slow for maximum retention of living nutrients and enzymes, perfect for raw foodists and living food advocates.
    The higher temperatures of between 60ºC-70ºC are required for making things like meat or beef jerky, where you want the temperature nice and high to avoid bacteria growth. The BioChef Dehydrators will make the most perfectly dried beef jerky without the needs for preservatives, or added sodium.


          EPT™ Horizontal Drying System

           The best choice for even, consistent & safe drying

    • Retain the maximum amount of living nutrients and enzymes from your food and preserve the nutrition with BioChef’s patented Enzyme Protection Technology™. The superior horizontal design draws air in through the back of the unit, where the fan and heating system are located, and is then circulated to the front of the dehydrator ensuring that all trays and both front and back are dried evenly and consistently. Air is vented through the front at the side of the door, keeping a fresh air flowing through the machine at all times.
      Food is dried more efficiently, and more thoroughly with no “moisture spots” where dangerous mould or bacteria can grow.
      With the BioChef horizontal drying system there is no need to rotate the trays, you can simply set and forget and all trays will be evenly dried, front to back, top to bottom.

           24 Hour Digital Timer

             Convenient and hassle-free dehydrating

    • A digital timer allows you to to set the dehydrator to automatically turn itself off after the selected drying cycle. This means you can set the BioChef  to dehydrate while you are at work, busy or even asleep. Foods will be perfectly dry at the end of the cycle. Plus you can always check on the foods during the cycle through the transparent door.

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