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Dehydrator - BioChef - 6 tray -


BioChef 6 Tray Food Dehydrator

Best value compact food dehydrator in Australia

  • The BioChef Food Dehydrator is a simple and easy to use horizontal food dehydrator that dries and preserves perfectly every time!
    It has all the features that a food dehydrator needs - horizontal air flow and an adjustable thermostat with the added bonus of a transparent door and stainless steel trays. The BioChef Dehydrator ticks all the boxes for what you want in a food dehydrator while being at an affordable and competitive price point.

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Create Healthy Snacks & Treats for the Family

What can you make in the BioChef ?

  • Dehydrators are no longer just a raw food kitchen appliance; this once "niche" product is now quite mainstream and the types of things you can do with them are vast. Dehydrators are fantastic for making healthy snacks and treats as well as camping and hiking foods, raw food alternatives, preserve excess fruits, vegetables and herbs plus much more. See below some of our favourite ways to use the BioChef Food Dehydrator...

Make Yoghurt, Rise Bread & Ferment Foods

The BioChef Dehydrator has a transparent door which means that you can remove as many or as little trays as you want to be able to dehydrate a wider variety of things. You can rise breads or pizza doughs in your  Dehydrator up to the complete height of the unit. You can fit jars to set yoghurt or ferment foods in a controlled temperature environment and much more!

Dehydrated Seed Crackers, Bread Alternatives & Healthy Cookies

Simply blending a combination of seeds, fruits, vegetables, nuts and water can create beautiful cookies, crackers and raw "breads". The paste is simply spread onto a non-stick tray (one is included with purchase) and dehydrated. You can turn something which is usually unhealthy into a nutritious snack or treat for the family to enjoy.
This is especially beneficial for people with gluten or yeast intolerances, as you can make bread alternatives which suit allergies or diets.

Dried Fruit & Fruit Leathers

Drying fruits is the most common use for a food dehydrator. The beauty of owning your own dehydrator is that you can experiment with different fruits which you may have never tried dried before such a kiwi fruit, dragon fruit or blueberries. If you were to purchase these in the store they can be extremely expensive and you don't know what kind of additives or preservatives have been added. Save money by making your own!
Another great snack is fruit leathers or roll ups. Blended fruit (essentially a smoothie) can be dried on a non-stick tray (one is included with purchase) and will turn into a sticky, chewy and healthy fruit treat for the family!

Stainless Steel Interchangeable Drying Trays

More versatility & completely BPA free

The 6 interchangeable trays in the BioChef Dehydrator can be removed to allow for more space when drying larger ingredients such as when rising bread or making yoghurt. The door traps the airflow, rather than the trays so you can have as many or as little trays as you like in the machine at any one time.
BPA free stainless steel trays give you the peace of mind when it comes to harmful chemicals being transferred onto your food. The outer casing of the dehydrator is made from polypropylene (PP), which is known for its high melting point, durability, strength and most importantly it's safe nature.

Horizontal Airflow for Even Heat Distribution

Safe & effective drying

  • The BioChef is one of the only dehydrators in the same price range to utilise a horizontal drying system. More expensive and top of the range food dehydrators use a horizontal drying system which gives even and thorough drying as the fan is centrally located at the rear of the unit, compared to the bottom or top like circular, cheaper food dehydrators. With the BioChef your food with be dried inside and out every time. This also means the food is dried safely without any risk of mould or bacteria forming in unevenly dried parts of the food.

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