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Lake Dumbleyung SUP Class: The Next SUP Fitness and Yoga Class T/B/A


Dumbleyung Lake Nature Reserve ... We recognise and acknowledge Aboriginal people as the traditional custodians of Dumbleyung Lake Nature Reserve.

Come along and experience what the shire is calling a "once in twenty year phenomena,” ....

Lake Dumbleyung in WA's Wheatbelt is usually a pretty placid sort of place.

But WA's record rainfall this year has inundated the open lake - the largest of its kind in WA's south - adding huge amounts of water to its depths after February rains in excess of 160mm in the area.

Dumbleyung is encouraging people to visit the town and its world famous lake where they can enjoy water sports like paddle boarding, boating and water skiing.

The lake itself has overflowed just three times in the past hundred years with the most recent in 1983

Its calm, flat waters are where British daredevil Donald Campbell broke the world water speed record in 1964 in his iconic 'Bluebird' jet propelled hydroplane boat traveling at a speed of 444.66 kilometers per hour.

 Hayley and the team at radiant being are providing SUP fitness and SUP yoga classes by prior arrangement.

You can book your board  and spot at the SUP class  by pressing 'add to cart'. Classes are suitable for beginners and all levels of fitness. You are also welcome to attend a class if you have your own board.

If you have any questions just contact Hayley @ radiant being on 0415 985 046 or emailing to

Take a boat out to explore the vast stretch of water, have a refreshing swim, water-ski around the lake or paddle around in a canoe to witness some of the 25,000 birds known to live on the waters. Then settle back on the shores of the lake for a picnic lunch.

And if you'd prefer to keep your feet on dry land, then Dumbleyung has a replica of the Bluebird you can admire, as well as art displays, an Aboriginal cultural centre, yabby and emu farm tours and bush walking in reserves.

Lake Dumbleyung is a three hour drive southeast of Perth. Approximately 2.5 hours from Albany, Western Australia. Whilst in the area collect a brochure from the Shire of Dumbleyung office and take the self-drive Dumbleyung Historic Schools and Heritage Trail which includes the sites of 26 historic schools.

Be sure to make a visit soon!

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