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The transformation Package

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The transformation Package


Transform. Renew. Align.

A  6 week wellbeing program which takes a wholistic approach to your health. If the old ways are not working, or not leaving you full of energy + inspired could it be time to try something new? Includes nutrition, movement, mindfulness, Increased energy + relaxation. You may lose kilo's on this program, as you let go of the old and embrace a new you.

$477.00 per person. If purchased as individual treatments - $777.

Total SAVING is $300 on The Transformation package.


1.5  hour nutrition consult and full home menu plans/recipes/+ training + raw prep, + raw organic nutrition class.

1.5 hour Bodyworks treatment - relax and encourage alignment + balance in every cell. Let go of tension and stress.

1.5 hour private postural assessment and daily home stretch + strength program individually designed to create a more supple, flexible and strong physical body + calm mind.

Weekly appointment for 20 mins to touch base and ensure you are on track for your goals!

This package is also available as an online coaching program to any location around the world.

Expiry: 12 months from date of purchase.

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